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DRV Arquitectos


Drv Arquitectos is a personalized design studio that focuses on the construction and renovation of high-end homes with a technological and sustainable approach. Our role in society is to create spaces that reflect the personality of those who inhabit them, ensuring that each of your identities transcends even the smallest detail, and that the spaces respond to the presence of any visitor, bringing homes to life through accessible technological strategies.

Daniel Ruiz Valderrama

DRV Arquitectos - CEO and Founder

Colombian architect based in Spain since 2014. Daniel founded DRV Stage, specializing in ephemeral architecture, while pursuing his architecture studies at the Universidad de San Buenaventura in Cali, Colombia, with part of his studies at UNAM in Mexico City. There, he learned the importance of space and the management of light in Mexican residential architecture.


Upon his graduation, "DRV Arquitectos" was born. After designing and constructing luxury residences for 3 years in Colombia, he moved to Barcelona to pursue a master’s degree in integrated architecture design at La Salle University. In 2018, he established DRV Arquitectos in Barcelona to continue his professional career in the residential sector, gaining recognition for creating emotional architecture and bringing homes to life, the place where nothing can defeat us.

Va De Reformas

Renovation and Construction Projects

Va de Reformas is a family-owned construction company that provides project management, purchasing and supplier department in a company, and follow up of construction works. Under this company, we have our own staff, a team of highly dedicated professionals, agile and with impeccable finishes.



  • Project management

  • Creation of construction budgets

  • Follow up of construction works

  • Construction and renovation of projects.

IAD - Ignacio Bordanove

Real Estate Manager, expert in buying and selling properties.

Ignacio Bordanove is an independent real estate agent from IAD Spain.


He offers advice for your real estate project, whether it's for sale, purchase, or rent. These processes are filled with situations that can cause delays and complications, which is why our specialist will focus on optimizing your time and money.


His role as a professional expert in the real estate sector is to guide you through the entire process of buying, selling, or renting a property. His specialty as a personal real estate shopper is backed by IAD's real estate network, with a structured methodology, a lot of transparency, and respect for regulatory frameworks. He uses the best tools in the market to provide you with personal and quality advice.


It's a personalized service created for buyers, sellers, and investors, always adapting to each client's budget.

logo rcn

RCN Asesores


Contact Person: Rafael Caballero Núñez


RCN Advisors is a company located in Madrid but with a presence throughout Spain, responsible for handling the entire tax department of our company and our investors. They provide advisory services for investments and individuals, tax review, and the necessary processes for capital movement in all the operations we carry out in the real estate sector.



  • Planning and management of taxation for companies and professionals, and compliance with their tax obligations.

  • Oversight and advice on the company's financial policy. Outsourced financial management.

  • Advisory on capital management for investment in Spain.

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