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Built project - 2023


  • High-end home renovation with emphasis on interior design.

  • Complete lighting project for the house

  • Master bedroom completely soundproofed through insulation, panels and furniture.

  • Complete change of floor and wall coverings.

  • Selection and purchase of all the furniture in the home.


Built project - 2023


  • Investment model of integrated services: property search, purchasing process, full renovation and sale with a profitability of about 20%.

  • Complete renovation of a small penthouse in the heart of Barcelona.

  • Energy efficiency home with thermal insulation in walls and ceilings.

  • Versatile spaces for optimizing the use of space.

  • Maximize durability and minimize maintenance throughout selection of materials.


Built project - 2021


  • Design and construction of a 100% sustainable house in the in the Aragonese prinneos.

  • 2000 meters of gardens with orchards, fruit trees and medicinal plants for the owner's diet.

  • Green electricity by high efficiency solar panels.

  • Supply and storage of natural water treated to be used and then treated again to return it to the field around the house.

  • Motion sensors for circulation spaces such as hallways and stairs to minimize energy use.

  • Selection of materials according to the area such as the stone from castles and mountains and sand colours for the walls, respecting the identity of the place.


Built project - 2022


  • • Full high-end renovation of a penthouse in the “Poble Sec” neighborhood, in the centre of Barcelona with full custom-made furniture to optimize spaces and create extra storage.

  • • 90% of the spaces are versatile to transform and adapt depending on the use you want to give them.

  • Smart Home project with a sustainable approach, using ecological materials for its construction.

  • • Thermal insulation in walls with THERMABEAD, a thermal insulation system based on grey polystyrene beads with graphite, linked with acrylic-based adhesive, which significantly reduces the energy use to climatize the home.

  • • Thermal insulation on roofs through the Danolosa system, consisting of waterproof layers accompanied by insulating plates.


Built project - 2022


  • Full renovation of a home in Nova esquerra de l'Eixample, in the center of Barcelona.

  • Smart Home project with air conditioning, lighting, audio and video controlled by voice, app and mechanisms.

  • Project with a fixed custom-made furniture to optimize spaces.

  • Design and construction in favour of energy efficiency and user comfort.


Built project - 2022


  • Full renovation of a home in the Raval neighbourhood in the centre of Barcelona.

  • Design and construction of the project with a LOW COST approach, reusing materials and recycling others to create the furniture.

  • Project with a fixed custom-made furniture to optimize spaces.

  • Design and construction in favour of energy efficiency and user comfort.


Built project- 2023


  • Full renovation of a commercial space to create a hairdressing salon.

  • Use of materials with a sustainable approach and thinking about long durability and low maintenance.

  • Creation of fixed custom furniture according to the owner's needs.

  • Creation of a customized lighting system to highlight the intentions of the project.


Built project - 2021


  • Full renovation of a home in the Gracia neighbourhood in Barcelona.

  • It is an investment project for touristic use, therefor the materials such as flooring were chosen for a high traffic to avoid deterioration.

  • Highlight off all the original construction elements of the apartment such as brick walls, beams, Catalan Volta and antique columns.

  • Design of the lighting system and selection of appliances in favour of the energy efficiency of the home.


Built project - 2019


  • Relocation of the home's kitchen to embrace the natural light and to optimize spaces.

  • Change in the distribution of the social spaces to improve the functionality of the home.

  • Highlight the industrial style of the home.

  • Integrate the terrace with daily activity directly through the kitchen.


Built project - 2014


  • Transformation of a garage with a steel workshop into a pizza restaurant with a traditional oven made with clay and fibres.

  • Recovery of the industrial language of the site to incorporate it into the design concept.

  • Highlight of the back yard garden filled with old trees, illuminated at dinner time.

  • Design of the entire image of the place, from the establishment itself, to the menu and details such as salt and pepper shakers.

  • Own manufacturing of lamps, murals, tables, and traditional oven utensils.


Built project - 2013


  • Relocation of the kitchen of the house.

  • Open up the social spaces to integrate the kitchen with the living room and the terrace.

  • Extension of the house in specific points.

  • Change of the floor and wall coverings to reduce cleaning and avoid deterioration.

  • Maximize durability and minimize maintenance through materials of furniture and countertops.

  • Create a new access to the house by creating a transition space with gardens and fountains.


Built project - 2014


  • Incorporate the “spa” feeling into a closed, dark space at the top of a penthouse in the city of Cali - Colombia.

  • Full renovation of the bathroom with 17 m2.

  • Expansion of spaces towards walk-in closets.

  • Demolition of the roof to create a connection of the hot tub with the sky and the stars, with a 4-meter-high central shower waterfall.

  • Incorporation of nature in the entire design.

  • Create 7 lighting scenarios to create different moods and increase user comfort.

  • Maximize durability and minimize maintenance through materials of furniture and countertops.


Built project - 2014


  • Full renovation of a 180 m2 flat in the city of Cali – Colombia.

  • Project designed for investment; therefore, the materials are selected for their durability and resistance.

  • Integrate and communicate the kitchen with the living room and dining room.

  • Integrate the terraces into the rooms to embrace the natural light.

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Designed project - 2019


  • Transformation of an old car workshop into a co-working space with short term touristic rooms.

  • The project contains the rooms for a co-living space, a workplace, common spaces, a swimming pool, and a large patio with a community kitchen big enough for everyone.

  • The project rescues all the structural elements of the premises to highlight the industrial style that the place already had.


Designed project - 2020


  • Full renovation design of a home in the Diagonal Mar area of the city of Barcelona.

  • The original flat had 2 rooms and a small social area; the project consists of integrating everything in an open space social area linked with a very comfortable master bedroom.

  • The interior design is based in Nordic style, very simple and very functional.


Designed project - 2018


  • Full renovation of a floating home and the social areas in solid ground in Amsterdam north.

  • Change the entire facade with a more resistant and durable material, giving it a more modern style.

  • Change the interior distribution of the main floor with open and versatile spaces.

  • Redistribute the access patio, summer dining space and winter dining greenhouse.

  • Remodel the guest house with a fresher and more modern style.

  • Change the land walls with translucent and vegetal walls.


Designed project - 2015


  • Design urban furniture to be placed along the Montjuic Park, creating viewpoints to the city of Barcelona.

  • Use only one material and in a single format: 50 x 50 mm section wooden frame to complete the self-supported structure.

  • Focus attractive visuals point of the city throughout the park with a wooden frame rotated 45º.

  • Create a space for interaction and relaxation.


Designed project - 2011


  • Create a day-care centre for families of employees of the Mexican government located in the south of Mexico City.

  • Create independent volumes that are placed softly in natural inclination of the land.

  • Create different levels with glass hallways through volumes of different scales and orientations.

  • Create a set of see-through and solids walls to direct the user easily trough the facilities.

  • Use soft and cushioned materials for the floor and walls coverings to create an experience in textures and for the safety of the children.


Designed project - 2014


  • Full renovation of a 180 m2 flat in the city of Cali – Colombia.

  • Change of the distribution to allow the natural flow of air and natural light.

  • Create the new room where the rooms were.

  • Create an open space divided by levels and interior platforms.

  • Integrate the kitchen into this space with a multi-function bar.

  • Intervention on the terrace to create terraces for the rooms and living spaces.

  • Intervene all the interiors of the house with a modern/vintage style.

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